Tilly / Lounge / Podcast / Receipts

Here is a bunch of updates on a variety of topics:


Please meet Tilly, aka Ensign Sylvia Tilly. She’s about 6 months old and perfect in every way.


I got a really nice email the other day asking if I was the same person who used to post mp3s of lounge covers, and were they still on the internet somewhere. Yes I am and NO they were not. So I made a little website for them so they could download the one they wanted. Here is the whygodwhy lounge. I would like to give a shout-out to backing up one’s files, it’ll only took me about 10 minutes to go from “Jesus fuck, do I even have those files anymore” to “Yay let’s make a lil website for them.” I haven’t gone back and listened to any of these but I’m wondering if it might be fun to record new versions of a few of them, now that I have actual music recording ability.


Speaking of which still uploading episodes of the podcast. Experimenting with not just uploading the music but also talking about my ~process in the episodes. Still tinkering with the format; not sure how successful it is. Still fun for me, in any case.


Would you like to see some more recent drawings, OK here you go.

The end.