Some OK Things (first half 2023)

This is just some stuff I liked, not an exhaustive list of everything I experienced.

Media Stuff


  • The Mountain in the Sea by Ray Naylor (2022)
  • Something New Under the Sun by Alexandra Kleeman (2021)
  • The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon (1002)
  • Bluets by Maggie Nelson (2009)
  • OK I haven’t read a lot of books so far this year lbr


I mostly just listen to movie podcasts lately so:

  • The Big Picture
  • The Midnight Boys
  • The Rewatchables


  • Time Trap (2017)
  • Dungeons & Dragons (2023)
  • The Brothers Bloom (2008) (rewatch, they were showing it in the local theater for some reason)
  • Barbarian (2022)
  • Are You There God It’s Me Margaret (2023)


  • Keep Breathing (favorite thing on this list)
  • The Recruit
  • Single Drunk Female S2
  • Will Trent S1
  • The Night Agent S1
  • The Diplomat S1
  • The Great S3

Project Stuff

  • Still having fun with making my dumb little songs for my podcast
  • Also still having fun trying to do drawings

Life Stuff

  • Family doing good, kids no longer annoying teens, back to being a fun/interesting age
  • Feeling better than last year, healthwise (physical & mental)
  • Getting back into running

THE END….or is it? (It’s not.)