Dream-world Problems

“I wonder if being acquired by Google is the ultimate first-world problem.”
Merlin Mann

1. You are standing on the roof of the house you grew up in. You jump off and fly, soaring aross the neighborhood and up towards the clouds. As you get higher, you realize the streets spell your ex-girlfriend’s phone number. The chicken skeleton begins tearing its way out of your stomach.

2. You go to the bar that is disguised as a Dunkin Donuts. You notice the water is getting higher. The aliens said the gel from their bodies would help you breathe underwater, but maybe that’s just what they want you to think.

3. You are petting a grasshopper the size of a puppy. There is something in the forest.

4. Your car is speeding down a hill. You turn the steering wheel but it does nothing. You pull the key from the ignition, but the car continues gaining speed. There is a sharp curve coming up ahead, and a steep drop down to the water. The man in the back seat is holding a box of snakes.

5. You are trying to burn the house down, but the flames keep dying. Jennifer Love Hewitt refuses to tell you where she keeps the lava spiders.