I spent so many years wondering why no one ever Googled me. Now if I had it to do over which I don’t I would use a fake name. I will really have a chat with my sons about this topic. You do not even need Google anymore, land sakes I’m effing Baidu-able.

True: After 3+ decades on this great earth no offline stranger ever mentioned my work to me in passing. Then one day a few months ago, a person came to my Place of Business for an interview. Afterwards I was showing him out and he said BTW I looked you up and read some of your stories. I really liked them especially the one about porn stars.

I went back to my office, which is very small and very messy. On my desk there are a few pictures of my sons. On the wall there are pictures from a story I wrote with Josh. I sat in my chair and thought about deleting every word I had ever written.