The first time I went to London there was a bomb scare on the Tube. We were standing on the platform, Kensington station I think, and then suddenly everyone was being ushered back up the escalators and outside. Clear the platform please clear the platform clear the platform. No one was quite sure why the station was being closed
down, but as I stepped onto the escalator and began ascending, I saw a policeman look hesitantly at someone before
saying “…There’s a package.”

The thing that I remember most about that moment was how quiet was it was. There was no yelling or shouting or complaining, just people doing what they were supposed to do, quickly and without any fuss.

I think the experience actually made me like the city more. I’ve been back a few times since, and lived there for a few months, long ago. It’s always been my favorite city.

Anyways, I don’t have anything interesting or important to say about what’s going on there, just that I love that city and the people in it.