lost, the trees

Because I am lost and live nowhere,
I let the road be somewhere else inside me.
I think we turn here, it looks,
but I can’t find it at all on a map.
Why woods build a secret.
And we can’t see anyone.
I can’t wait until

You should have seen
how it was a few weeks ago.
Such a steep driveway.
Such hills in a town.
How like a rollercoaster we are.
It opens, and the trees partway framing

My voice on my brother’s answering machine.
Blood. Pestilence. Darkness,
replayed at a party.
My mother goes inside her house to cry.
This is how distance makes

My stepmother issues my mother’s words.
Life will always find a way to repeat itself.
Taking inventory of an unfamiliar house.
That used to belong to

I’m too tired to drive anymore,
Will you. Lost, the trees,
It rained all