2 Letters Today

dear [person]:
2 sandwiches I packed for my lunch today:
1 cheese & mustard on rye, and
1 peanut butter & honey.
plus I bought a water and some candy for after.
what did you have?

dear [person]:
it’s not too bad so far.
the woman I work for is really nice.
she sat me at a computer and gave me a few things to do then disappeared. then she returned with an arm-full of office supplies. pens, pencils (sharpened), pencil holder, letter opener, staple remover, band aids (“In case you get a paper cut”), scissors, paper clips and magnetic paper clip holder, mouse pad, white out, tape dispenser, post-its, ruler (?), extra tape, stapler and staples, some kind of alcohol wipes (“Just in case who knows who has been using that computer before you”) and advil (“In case you get a headache from looking at the computer all day.”) plus a few minutes later someone dropped off my own trash can and recycling bin, and asked me if I wanted a phone at my desk. “I’m not sure I really need a phone,” I said. “Take a phone,” she encouraged.
how nice is that? I worked at my previous job for over a year and do you know how long it would have taken there to amass that kind of office supplies?
anyways, she’s been working at the same job for 9 years, which, hello glass ceiling.
so I’m glad I took this job, just to meet her was cool.
listen to what happens with the lawyers at this place:
they get fed every day. there’s a catered lunch every day around noon and they can go into the kitchen area and take food. the support staff are allowed in after 1pm to eat anything that’s left.
how’s that for creepy.
all the secretaries are women. there are a few women laywers, though. white girls.
what do I order if I go to get a chocorero? you used to work in this part of town.
it was cold outside today, and I wanted to write, so I went to the only warm place I could think of (where I wouldn’t have to spend $4 on some gay latte in order to sit down), the T station. so I had to pay one token to sit on the bench on the platform, but it was worth it. no one there was talking on a cell phone.
I do feel homeless though, or not homeless, but rootless, I guess.
I hope you’re having an okay day. sometimes I get sad, because you know, you’re the only person I really know, and who knows me, and starting a new job in a giant building where no one will ever know me, and there’s no email or phone (yet) I feel really lost and lonely and just miss you forever.
I sound sadder than I am. it’s wierd how being in a situation where you think you’re happy, or where you think you SHOULD be happy, kind of keeps you from feeling how you actually feel, which is sad and frustrated. so i’m still glad I have those blinders off. I feel bad for all the people I left behind. it wasn’t real. none of it was. it’s really sad. I was kidding myself. I wish I could force people to wake up, to see things like I see them. but no one ever takes my advice anyways. except for the 1 girl out of FIVE who I recommended use my dentist. she was glad she did. i mean he lets you watch TV, it’s cool.
well I guess that’s it so far. oh also at this job I get to use a barcode scanner just like they have at supermarkets, except it’s just attached to my computer.
how is your day going? did you read anything good on the internet today?