the rain, and singapore

there won’t be any sun today, and i’m going to keep the apartment as dark as possible. ambient music by aphex twin. I’m going to read today: robert haas and carla speed mcneil. why doesn’t anyone else ever talk about how amazing Finder is? am I the only one? i love it so much it makes me want to start crying.

it was still raining last night, and yesterday morning i’d woken up with headaches, so I wanted to read poetry before going to sleep. rosalie’s head next to mine, the cat on my stomach, staring at me. i read mary oliver aloud. i’d never read her before. rosalie fell asleep after the 2nd poem, so i just kept reading to the cat. a few poems later was one called singapore, which ended in a way that made me want to read robert haas today. we have so many books crammed into this apartment, and they’re not in any kind of order, so it could take a while to find it. i haven’t seen my copy of maxine hong kingston’s woman warrior in forever. everytime i look for it i find something else.

after the poem about singapore I turned out the light. the curtains, which we never close all the way, showing the gray midnight sky. the rain on the roof. rosalie’s breathing. feeling the cat stir and walk across the bed.