Andor Variations

text thread with Deans

Like a lot of people I got really invested in Andor this year but I did not notice that Nicholas Britell had written a different version of the theme for every song until Deans sent this text.

I immediate listened to all the themes so far (at that point we were only 6 episodes in) and ranked them favorite to least favorite. And then I was like I want to try this.

text thread with Deans

Like most of my projects, there wasn’t a lot of reason or forethought put into it, just: This feels like what I should do next. (Telling friends I was writing versions of the Andor theme usually resulted in them asking: Is the show really that good? It is! But that’s not the point.) Different phrases popped into my head, like “worker drone” and “below heartbeat” and “half-assed concierto” and I used that to guide the mood of the versions I wrote.

In the end I wrote about 14 and whittled them down to 5 I liked plus an extended version of 1:

And there it is! I had a goal of releasing 3 eps this year and this vow has been successfully met. I’m not 100% sure I have totally put this idea to bed; I may do more, but who knows, that’s a project for next year.

I’ve embedded the Spotify link up above but it’s on all the usual streaming platforms.

If I can allow myself a moment of self-criticism I don’t like some of how this album sounds and I wish I was better at mixing. If anyone has any tips/tutorials/Audacity macros I’m listening.