I recently realized

I don’t like pepper as much as I thought I did. There was salad leftover from the night before. I took it out of the fridge and left it on the counter for a bit to come a little closer to room temperature. I thought about putting pepper on it but then I thought: No, I will like this better without the pepper. And maybe I did! Who knows. I ate the salad out of the plastic container I had stored it in, which I have a vague sense causes cancer? But transferring it to a bowl would have created another dish to wash, meaning more (toxic?) soap being released into the environment, swept away by my increased water usage, etc. Probably better in the long run for me to just get cancer and take one for the team. (Earth.) The window over the kitchen sink looks out on our neighbor’s back yard. There’s often a very large dog bounding around there. He digs incredibly deep holes in the ground and then sits in them, his eyes barely poking out over the top, staring at me.