It’s called being hot have you ever heard of it

The definition of “hunk” has changed a lot over the years — mustaches, hairy chests, the number of inches between the knee and the hem of the shorts — but one thing that will always really turn people on is when you update your blog. People. freak. out. When people see an updated blog they are like Damn….me likey. They actually say that.

Like everyone lists Updated Blogs as one of their top interests on Tinder, but how rarely do you meet an actual person who doesn’t just talk about updating their blog, but who frequently and consistently updates their blog. Someone who can update their blog twice in a row? That’s genuine hunk shit. There’s so many people making promises about updating their blog, talking all kinds of game about how many posts they have in drafts, how thoughtfully they curate their content calendar in Google Sheets. Whispering in your ear about how they’re going to update their blog, and then push it out across social, and then come back around to retweet a reminder later. So you do all this work to get close to them and finally they let you peek in their drafts folder it’s like 1 or 2 very small, partially formed posts and no evidence of any long-range content strategy at all.

There’s just something about a freshly updated blog that puts people in the mood, that makes people think about commitment, the future, building a life. As a reader you can’t help but imagine what it would be like to be in a relationship with someone who is really good at updating their blog. You see yourself waking up in the morning, crisp cotton sheets, sunlight streaming gently in. You look over and there’s your hunk, sitting up in bed, updating their blog. The whole day stretches out before you. So many ideas for you to inspire, so much content for them to create.