Fearless Tryer – The Trader Joe’s Zine

Yes, it’s true, a whole zine about Trader Joe’s. Based on their newsletter, the Fearless Flyer, but soooo much more. Product reviews! Art! Recipes! Personal histories! Interactions with Cashiers! Fan fiction!!!

Fearless Tryer - the Trader Joe's zine

Contributors include: Meghan Deans, Millie De Chirico, Nalini Edwin, Elisabeth Geier, Stephanie Gayle, Helen Jane Hearn, Eden M. Kennedy, Amanda McCleod, Tracie Masek, Brett O’Connor, Sarah Olson, Nora Redman, Hannah Skibbe, and Mike Toole.

Edited & designed & organized & produced by Sarah Brown and me.

32pp absolutely packed to the corners with content. Makes a great gift for your friend who won’t shut up about Trader Joe’s.

SOLD OUT thanks everyone

some much content it stands on its own