omg hilarious I love it

I was lying in bed thinking about how I have domains that are over 20 years old and then some dumb voice inside my head was like Well why don’t you do anything with them and I was like I do plenty and they were like Blogs are really on the comeback trail just saying and I was like Yeah I know, turns out email newsletters are still just email (and increasingly paid? I pay to receive email now??) and F*cebook posts are sent directly to Russia as I understand and they were like What a world and I was like What an INTERNET and they were like What happened to just making shit and I was like It all became Content and we lost on price and they were like Bruh wordpress install is one click now and I was like HARD PASS and took a melatonin and passed tf out. The end! Happily ever after. Looking forward to starting Russian Doll tonight on Netflix, I’ve heard good things.