The Vanishing Act

A few months ago a fellow by the name of Jim Bennett emailed me asking for permission to turn some of my stories into short films. I said “Sure!” and figured that would be the last I ever heard of it, because I know how it is, with plans and the ladies and so forth. But then a few weeks ago I got an email from him saying “OK, almost done,” and I looked up from the level of Lego Batman I was playing to be allĀ  “Wah???” and then almost right away I got another saying “OK, done, here’s the link.”

So I guess he showed me.

Jim did an amazing job turning The Vanishing Act into a short film. It’s all the more impressive to me in light of the fact that he’s a high school senior, because when I was a senior I did nothing BUT talk about all the movies I wanted to make. And that’s exactly as far as I ever got, talking about it.

Anyways, this made for a great start to the year. Please check out Jim’s version of The Vanishing Act.