Alone In The City of Order & Desire

The universe has invisible strings that are connected to your skin. And sometimes the universe will pull itself away from you, and the strings will tighten and cause your skin to tear away. And your soul will escape, and it will go flying up, out into everything. This will happen to you.

When I got to the hotel I turned on the TV and took the longest shower ever.

I stood by the window in my bathrobe and looked out at this new landscape. Alone in a city in a hotel room. I didn’t recognize it and I didn’t care.

There are voices, and a far away sub-surface electronic humming. And when you turn off the TV they’re still there, because it’s not the TV, it’s everything. The vibration against your skin.

I sat on the bed and ordered room service and tried to make myself, oh, just as far away from you as possible. The universe gave me back my skin.