I guess the cutest thing ever

is bloggers learning about their bodies. You guys this is what happens when a person touches me in person. This is how I act when particular beverages go into me through my mouth. Certain things I did last night caused me to feel ways X and Y this morning. (I will provide more updates later.)

Internet-based personalities = corporeal disconnection. Or: cultural ceremony, and rites of passage in a post-religious world.

On the other hand, look: there’s something to be said about the purity of emotion without hindsight. I am feeling something original. The way that I am experiencing this is that it is the first time it is happening to anyone, ever. This, like this.

I don’t know. The other night it felt like the world was swallowing me whole. There was no one online so I went outside to walk and get away. Leaves on the sidewalks, a cloud-halo moon. Houses with blue glows coming from two different windows. How long have I lived in this neighborhood? But I still eventually got lost. Everything looks the same but there’s nothing, anywhere.

You can only go so far. The wind draws itself tight around your skin, and at night the crickets sound like cell phones, but whatever.