The Last Words Of My Dying Website

Well you certainly checked my stats a lot, which I suppose is a kind of caring. Imagine having to wake up each morning, not knowing who’d be sharing the bed with you. MovableType with those complicated installations that went on forever and ever. Lie back and think of England, I would tell myself. WordPress was a bit gentler, I suppose, but I could never understand a word it said. Seemed a bit of a middle manager, if you ask me. All fill out this form in triplicate, failure to do so will result in your request not being honored. Honestly, I missed the old days. Hand-coded HTML and an uncluttered root directory. Everything in its proper place, everyone all nice and friendly. I still do not know what Ruby On Rails is but I am thankful that you did not make me do it. For my part I think we had a pretty good run. A bit of neglect here and there perhaps. You know some people post to their websites 10 times a day or more, but you’d go weeks or months without a sidelong glance my way. I broke down a couple times but managed to get back on my feet without too much trouble. We never really had our moment in the sun though, did we. Would have been nice to test the server a bit, just once. Couldn’t you have done something that got you linked by one of the popular sites? Something provocative, for Boing Boing or Fark. A bit of traffic coming through would have made for a lovely change. I know, I know, the plight of the misunderstood artist, not all that again. Fine. I suppose your next website will be much more adept at drawing in the readers. Pull the plug already, I hear the pornographers at the door.