Celebrity Uses Hand to Communicate

My friend Jeff works in Manhattan. Yesterday morning as he was walking to work, he saw a Bentley stopped at a light. He then noticed that the Bentley was being driven by Paris Hilton. Paris saw him looking, and waved at him.

Jeff doesn’t have a blog, so I took it upon myself to ensure that this anecdote was mentioned somewhere on the internet. Paris Hilton waves at you, you blog it. It’s in the manual.

Careful readers will have noted that the most interesting thing about this is not that Paris Hilton waved at my friend Jeff (he is, after all, strikingly handsome, and she is, after all, anyone’s for a dollar), but rather the realization that Paris drives her own car. And in mid-town, no less.

Thank you for reading this anecdote about the time Paris Hilton waved to a person while seated in a car.