Across the Street

Suddenly the whole city was sick of crossing the street.
“No, I can’t. Not anymore,” everyone said, “Just look.”
The other side of the street was slowly receding into the distance.

“I am so tired of crossing the street,” said one person.
“Yeah, fuck it,” said his friend.

“I am lost,” I said to the store-owner.
“The place you are looking for is across the street,” he said.
“You say that as if there was only one street,” I replied,
“But in fact there are many.”
He nodded silently, and struggled to breathe
beneath the weight of this horrible realization.

The mother said: “Jonathan! Jeremy!
It’s dinner time, come to dinner!”
The twins turned off the television and sat down at the table.
The mother asked: “So, how was your day, boys?”
Jonathan threw his plate on the floor and began sobbing.
“We’ve decided we won’t be crossing the street anymore,” said Jeremy.
“Yeah, no fucking way,” agreed Jonathan, wiping his eyes.

We stood on the street corner.
The light turned green, then red.
The wind smelled different,
as though we were suddenly near the ocean.
The light turned green, then red.