Morgan’s Diary

Dear Diary:

Teacher was ever so cross with me today! She caught me throwing rocks at the skulls of the younger children, but they are horrid little beasts and I’m quite sure they deserved it, and a lot more of it. They stare at me and call me names, but their lips do not move. Honestly, I find it curious and unsettling. They are trying to put knives inside me just by wishing it so.

Oh Diary, I’m upset. It’s difficult to make my meaning clear. I suppose I don’t mean they will stick actual knives into me, but it’s as though the knives are already there, under their control. Whenever they want, they can make the knives inside me all begin to slowly turn. Perhaps you can begin to understand what the pain feels like.

But please do not think me a cry-baby, for I have devised a plan. The other day the children forced me to hide in the drainage pipe until recess was over. I waited a few minutes after the bell rang before crawling back out. As I was trying to get the spiders off my shirt I noticed a man behind the chain link fence, watching me. He smiled at me and

Diary the dog is barking, which means Father is home, so I’m afraid that’s all the time I have for writing today. Anyway, if the man is there again tomorrow I will try to get his gun, and I’ll let you know what happens of course, as ALWAYS.

Hi Sarah. I photocoped her diary again tonight for you. You will not believe the direction it went in today. Here’s the part where I tell you she’s crazy and we need to change her medication again, or just give up on her and send her off to one of those asylums we keep getting catalogs from, but the thing is it’s all true. At least the part about the children who don’t talk. I’m not sure who this man is. I don’t know what to tell her, or how to help her, but it’s all true, everything she says. The teachers won’t even return my phone calls anymore, and I think these children are going to get her soon. Is this similar to what happened to you? Tell me what I should do.