Person is Enough

dear [person]:

Can we do this?

I’m sure that given lifetimes to rearrange my thoughts into a million different orders someone someday under some starry sky will understand what I meant.

I want to meet that person. For being on a journey with me.

I have woken up at nights to find a strange person in my bed. I have woken up at nights to find myself lying face up in a rigidly coffin-armed position. I have woken up at nights to screaming and to 911 and to a very snowy, lamp-lit darkness.

I have not woken up at nights to remember anything.

One night we drove over a mountain in a part of a country where very few people live. On the other side of the mountain there was a small town, and in the town there was a carnival. We rode the carousel in disbelief.

You! What’s your name, listen. Thank you. You’re all I have, and it’s enough. It surprises me, suddenly, but I think it’s enough.