Sex in the library, Empty mall

I think I heard people having sex in the library today. I heard appropriate sounds but didn’t see appropriate moist coupling. But it could also have been someone asleep and dreaming.

another [job] related appointment. I try not to judge people by their outward stupidity, but it’s too hard, so I stop trying. Let’s be honest here. It’s not my fault people are idiots. I wanted to write at the bottom of the [paperwork]: (By the way, I am smarter than you.)

They had me watch a video. I decided to write instead. I wonder if they thought I was taking notes.

I bought a cookie today that was too sugary. What does that mean? Who knew there were cookies too sugary for me? What is the kind of fortune-telling where you read the future in cookies? I can’t think of the name.

There’s a mall near the middle school. The mall is always empty and most of the stores are locked up. The food court is one restaurant, a pizza place. All of a sudden the place was swamped with middle school kids free for their lunch period. I hope this is just a once in a while thing, and they don’t eat pizza everyday. Because come on, kids. You are what you eat, and plus your sebacious glands are acting up enough on their own these days.

Last night: another hangout for the high school kids, this time an ice cream place. The uniform is jeans and tank top, belly button, sandals. One girl sitting away from all the others, talking on a cell phone, arguing with someone. Her friend standing near by, making faces, sympathizing, trying to guess the other half of the argument.

It just got really windy all of a sudden.