and in the morning we

honey nut cheerios milk & cereal bars are VERY GOOD. they also have cinnamon toast crunch, i haven’t tried them yet. the honey nut cheerios are like a rice crispie bar kind of. very yummy. i don’t believe it’s actually even as healthy as an actual bowl of honey nut cheerios, but if pop tarts

I’ve been to a lot of funerals. it’s always hard. it’s always impossible, but i’ve done it. i know what happens. i know the kinds of things you do, the kind of things you say. i have a General Understanding of funerals and the time around funerals, and the way we help each other through them, because funerals, mourning, loss; these are what we all share, something we know we’ll all go through. but i have no idea what you do when a friend has a miscarriage.what do you say? what do you do? it makes me feel broken inside, so how must they feel? it’s somewhere so high on a scale of misery i can’t even imagine. it seems so wrong. it makes me want to stop time, turn everything around. start the whole universe all over again, from the very first second, do every moment of those millions and millions of years that it took us to get here over again, because surely this can’t be right?

are for breakfast, then why not these. i have been feeling crappy lately. last night i had a total ow my eyeballs migraine headache. and nausea, but that may just be on account of all the oreos i ate. anyways, and today i’m still a little headachey and kind of dizzy. i keep feeling my own forehead to see if it’s warm. it’s like trying to tickle yourself.this weekend i made a lot of tough decisions about what clothes to keep and what to throw out. mostly, it’s getting thrown out. but it’s sad. remember all that old vinyl and pvc? sad to say. it no longer fits over my butt anyway. but still. yeah. it’s okay though. i’m pulling a pretty serious summer of 4 foot 2 though (simpsons episode where they go to flander’s house at the beach and lisa purposefully brings empty suitcases to reinvent herself.).
talk to you later,