The List of Missing Things

List of things in my bag that was lost by american airlines yesterday
(to be updated as my memory kicks in better):

the sweater from urban outfitters that was my favorite xmas present this year.

two prs flannel pajamas. yes, two.

misc socks and undergarments

one copy, Galway Kinnell’s The Book of Nightmares

one copy, Li-Young Lee’s The City in Which I Love You, inscribed to me by rosalie, of very high sentimental value as it’s one of the first presents she ever gave me.

one copy of a very cool little book that incorporated wall shadows into the story, another great present.

one pair of tan khaki pants, and i’m sure the universe sighs in relief at the dismissal of another pair of khakis, but keep in mind i’m down to only two pairs of realistic pants to wear now

my green sweater, which i’ve had for over 10 years, and which has resulted in more compliments than any other article of clothing i’ve ever owned. totally irreplaceable.

some handkerchiefs. i’m the only person i know who uses handkerchiefs. they are handy. luckily, also widely available.

a new greengrey hooded sweatshirt that i bought on my first day back in illinois and i thought would have a promising future.

one copy, James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. I was about 50 pages into it, and hadn’t counted on getting much further.

one copy, an old translation of Issa’s The Year of My Life, which I was one page into and really looking forward to. it was inscribed to rosalie from her grandmother.

a striped long sleeve t-shirt.

the t-shirts. all my black t-shirts. now i’m left only with white and other light colors, which as we all know make me look even fatter than normal. i’m like a fat person in a spoon now.

that’s all i can remember right now. it’s just Things. that’s what’s important. it’s too bad, but it’s just Things.